Where the Heck have I been Since July?

So looking at my posting history I realized that my last post was back in mid-July, causing some of you to wonder, “where the heck has this guy been???”  I assure it wasn’t due to a lack of material or desire to continue blogging.  The reality is that I bacame a DADDY!!!  My wife, Kelly, and I introduced our new son Galen Jay Port to the world back on August 1 changing the landscape of our lives forever and for the better, I might add.  He is our first born so as you can probably imagine we have been pouring all our energies into welcoming him to the world, appeasing doting family members and learning how to add someone new to the center of our lives.  I won’t lie, its been tough at times but TOTALLY worth it.  I mean look at that picture, how can a face like that not make it worth it?  Kelly and I are stoked to be parents to this wonderful little boy and are looking forward to watching him grow and experiencing the world, while teaching us a thing or too about continuing to grow as human beings.

Now that we are starting to adjust to this new juggling act, I find myself looking to get back to my blogging.  I have been back logging a lot of topics and hope to have plenty of content to share along the way, including lessons I am learning about being a parent.  I would also like to move out of my “safe zone” a little and expand topics into a few of my other passions, strategy and organizational behavior, so look for more on those, but I will also still be sharing thoughts (and hopefully spurring discussion) on professional leadership and development.  So I beg your forgiveness on my recent hiatus and looking forward to continuing this journey together!


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