Know Your Priorities and Cut Yourself Some Slack!

As you might have noticed, I have been fairly quiet over the past few months.  It’s tough because blogging is something that I made a commitment to and felt like I was letting myself and readers down while I was “radio silent.”  After a few weeks of beating myself up I started to realize that this was unnecessary.  It’s one thing to not stay on top of something if you are “flaking out” but if you are focusing on your priorities in the right order then I believe it’s an entirely different scenario.

For example, my personal priorities are my family, my health, my career, etc.  My blog definitely falls into my priority list, but if you don’t “prioritize your priorities” you will be running in a bunch of different directions and wearing yourself out.  When I went back and looked at where I was spending my time (instead of on my blog), I started to feel better.  For example, my top priorities within my priorities are family, health and career, in that order.  When I started to miss my regular postings I had just landed a new job here in Denver and I was spending a lot of time getting up to speed with a new corporate culture, industry, and responsibilities.  Also during this time the holidays were upon us and my wife and I were traveling back to Michigan and Illinois a lot to visit with family.  So time was in short supply over the past few months, but once I realized that I was focusing my resources on my top priorities I started to ease up on myself.  Sure I wanted to stay on top of my blog posts, but what good am I creating trying to force content that didn’t get the time and attention it deserves?

Ultimately, the lesson I learned is that you really need to understand your priorities and what is most important among them.  Once you do this you can be easier on yourself and give the things that matter most the attention they deserve.  If you try to spread your energy to everything you will just burn yourself out and not be giving your best to anything.  I think where most people first trip up is not taking stock of what those life priorities are.  They aren’t the same for everyone and shouldn’t be, they are unique to each individual, but until you take the time to inventory them you will spend a lot of time chasing your tail and wasting energy trying to stay on top of absolutely everything!

On an unrelated note, I plan to pick up my next post where I left off regarding “Strategy as a Career Path”.

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