Feeling Productive Makes You Feel Groovy

It’s amazing how a little productivity can make you feel good.  I know anytime I work my way through a “to do” list or accomplish a major project or even knock out another blog post, I get a burst of energy.  Typically this leads to even more productivity as I find myself wanting to tackle even more projects with my new found “high.”

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On the flip side I find that sometimes I can get into a rut and struggle to find focus when I bounce from one thing to another never feeling all that accomplished.  I found that this can lead to a drain of energy and if not addressed can create apathy towards starting anything new.   It’s like all the creativity and drive can be sucked right out of you.

This is something I have experienced off and on over the last few weeks especially as I find myself in the midst of a job hunt.  When I have a job to go to each day I have a list of things to do and regular accomplishments I can hang my hat that can help keep my productivity high sustained.   Since leaving my job in Chicago to move to Denver I have found that these unproductivity blahs have been sneaking in from time to time.  If I let them go unchecked I find my mindset begin to slump.  It can be tough to deal with especially when you are trying to stay energized to find that next great job.

I have found is that in the absence of a job to give my day more structure and constant challenges I need to search for those in my personal life.  Setting short and long term goals for myself and setting daily steps to work towards them keeps my mind focused and as I tick items off those lists my energy grows and begins to feed on itself and leads to more and more accomplishments.  Over time I notice that my mood is elevated and I take day to day problems in stride rather than letting them beat me down.

Some things I am doing right now include:

  • Creating a “honey do list” and getting things done around the house
  • Creating a “job hunt to do list” and working my way through task to find a job
  • Writing blog posts
  • Pursuing hobbies

At my old job, I used to have a thing I would do with my team.  Each time we got something knocked off our list I would exclaim “CHECK!” and make an invisible check mark in the air.  This not only put a smile on my teammate’s faces but also reinforced that were making progress and being productive.  So now, when I get something done I exclaim in my head “CHECK.”  Sounds weird but it works and is kind of a quick pat on the back to keep me going.

What are some things you do to foster that feeling productivity and keep it going?

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  1. Cameron Plommer - August 17, 2011 at 1:27 PM Reply

    I’ve been reading a book called Reality is Broken and hits on that energy we receive from being/feeling productive. The author makes a solid argument that feeling productive is what actually makes us happy.

    Think back to when you had a relaxing day where you just hung around and didn’t do much. Sure it’s nice to do that for a day, maybe two if you have been seriously busy, but eventually you are going to get bored.

    I blog about this kind of stuff myself and look forward to reading more of your posts.

  2. Andy Lai - September 7, 2011 at 2:25 PM Reply

    My word is “Next!” or “Not now” :-)

    I wish I had your open schedule… I wouldn’t have a problem loading it up with runs and workouts. Good work Heath!

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