Back at It!

Its been a few weeks since my last post.  Over much of that time I was traveling around the Mediterranean with my wife as we celebrated her completion of graduate school.  It was definitely a time to recharge and reconnect after the last two and half years of working full time and then running to classes.  It was a stressful but rewarding period for her and I couldn’t be more proud.

As I have reflected on in previous posts sometimes you have to step away from the crazy mad rush of life and enjoy this world a little bit and that we did.  It was a great trip and it allowed me to replenish the creative juices.  So hopefully I haven’t lost the readers that I managed to bring in earlier this year!  I plan to finish up the series of posts that I started prior to our trip and then dive into some new and some familiar topics.  My goal is to hopefully put some thought provoking material out there and hear some of your thoughts.  So thanks for the patience over these past few weeks.  I look forward to reconnecting with you all!

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